The Visual Thinking Brain - het Beelddenkende Brein

The Visual Thinking Brain

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The book The Visual Thinking Brain, At home and at school…, gives you all the different aspect of the Visual Thinking Brain. How differs a Visual Thinking Brain from a Verbal Thinking Brain in the way of thinking and learning? This book gives you all the answers how to educate and raise Visual Thinking children. Making use of their strenghts and capabilities. It gives an inside like never before of the sensitivity, the learningproces and the neurodiversities that go with the Visual thinking. Become a real brainexpert of your own brain and that of your children, at home and at school. It comes with a QR-code so you can listen and read at the same time, so no excuses if you are a listerner instaed of a reader. Why you can listen better is also revealed inside the book, so do not hesitate but go on discovering the possibilities of the Visual Thinking Brain.

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